Sorrow-on-the-hudson Songtext

Paula Cole

von Raven

Sorrow-on-the-hudson Songtext
Saturn returned to Aries and my star rose and rose
I found my little town shoes walking down a red carpet
Naively placed by flashing bulbs
At school we were lovers then reunited in the eye of this storm
But love and luck collided and I followed the work
Arm in arm at the shining top but crumbling inside
Smiling for the public
But still holding back the nervous breakdowns

Saturn returned to Aries and my love dove and dove
The separation ache forked our way
And you silently withheld
With trust and courage
We confessed to a steely-eyed counselor
But it was too late we had paved our fate
An abyss behind Saturn’s door

There’s a sorrow on that Hudson
There’s an eagle who is flying looking for
A single treetop to alight and make her nest

Saturn returned to Aries in this house I bought for two
So cavernous and lonely in this ivory tower
Here without you
Oh pain my teacher, my embittered friend
Here you come to guide me again and again and again
And I look outside my window and all I see is you
Sorrow-on-the-Hudson, sunsets withering West
I wake up, palpitations screaming in my breast
I will get over this, I will grow past you
Sorrow-on-the-Hudson show me what to do
There’s a sorrow on that Hudson
There’s an Indian who’s crying to the buildings
That are built upon his fathers’ fathers
There’s a me who dying in your cold and mighty waters