Son of a Travelin' Man Songtext

Ed Ames

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Son of a Travelin' Man Songtext
(Guitar riff)

Ba da da da
Ba da da da da

Well, I`m the son of a traveling man
And though I`m partially shackin'
Railroad whistles and freighter horns
Turn me on, and I'm packing
Seattle, Savannah
Orlando or anywhere
Chicago, St. Louis
Sheboygan, I`m going there

Though I know that I love you
And the feeling's so good
If you love me too
I'm warning you

Don't count em forever
We can have a ball together
But if fun time??? come admitten' comes a feeling
I`ll be splitting

Tacoma, Pomona
Don`t know where
I`m heading for
There`s one thing I`m sure of
Just as soon as I get there, baby
I`ll be feeling like
Traveling on once more

Baby, now that you understand
Well, there`s no reason for sorrow
You know, I`m the son of a travelin' man
Here today, gone tomorrow

From Boston to Charleston
Wherever the four winds blow
I`m restless, I`m ready
There`s a rainbow for me to follow
Anywhere that it leads me
I must go!

Milwaukee, Muskegon
Miami, the heart is there
Atlanta, New Orleans
Columbus or anywhere

Biloxi or Philly
Toledo I'm going there