Somewhere South Songtext
Whiskey's a liar
The good stuff and the cheap
Tell you what you want to hear
Make you promises it can't keep
For a while it'll keep you warm
For a while you'll feel the fire
For a while you'll be happy
But whiskey's a liar

And time is a thief
With an axe to grind
And just when you're living good
It'll rob you blind
Take away your wide eyed youth
All a con to cause you grief
Time doesn't crawl, it flies
And time is a thief

If life is a circus
If life is a mess
Then I'm walking on a wire
And I'm stepping on your dress
And I'm standing at your door step
Under a yellow porch light
Well, I once had a key
But this ain't my night
I got a getaway car in the driveway
I got a cigarette in my mouth
If anyone asks where I'm going
Tell them I'm going somewhere south