Something Real Songtext

You're Pretty

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Something Real Songtext
Bend me break me love me hate me touch me want me lose me judge me - i don't care as long as i feel something
Push me pull me change me crave me find me hide me crush me try me - i don't care as long as i feel something real
Show me something real before i fade before i fade away
Everything's so goddamn plastic generated polished perfect no one wants to face anything thats ugly
You go your way i'll go mine can't talk right now don't have the time don't try pretending that its worth something

Little acts of desperation hoping we won't reveal only vying for attention how should i feel

All this time waiting anticipating choking on a lie - show me something real
I start to sigh in the back of my mind screaming suicide - show me something real
This fucking place is driving me insane I'm barely getting by - show me something real
I need a place somewhere feel safe before I before I fade away