So Wrong Songtext
Verse 1: Wish you woulda let me know So I could prepare to deal with the pain Baby cuz my eyes were closed When I felt your kiss It blew me away The music was too loud to hear the train comin' And you left me no way out holding into nothin' Looking like a fool while you stand there and laugh How you leave me here to find my way back One thing is for sure I'm gonna be alright Refrain: How could I be so wrong in my feelings for you How would something so strong, easily broke in two When you look in my eyes I want so bad to cry what used to be is gone, gone, gone How could I be so wrong. Verse 2: Seem like you always knew Just when to say what I wanted to hear The nights when you held me close I felt every word you said was sincere The perfect love story has a different ending It was all about you know that you know me Your taking what meant the whole world to me My heart and my soul, the air that I breathe One thing is for sure I'm gonna be alright, alright *Refrain: Bridge: Now I know the truth I can't believe I had so much faith in you there was no one else I trusted more than you after all we've been through... *Refrain: