...So Let It Be Done Songtext

Key Of Mythras

von Bonded By Hatred

...So Let It Be Done Songtext

That is not dead which can eternal lie, yet after strange aeons even death may die:

The collector was lying, the ravines still slightly shift away,
Once shitted by earth with cinders marked so thin, the similar drive the hell brigade
For to regret it is to late, as weapons gasp, as chains do wail

In the last corner of this room, the fainted saviour, his punctured hands into emptiness seize
Only breath can be heard, brother silence? pleasure, the moisture is a serpents one
Someone speaks of dreams, Somebody tells of see's, as nightmares hissis through the open gates
...A new obituary for the devils pleasure

At the very beginning, of life and of man and of sin
The shadows gather to darkness, like to salt the wounds of light
A praying mantis rubicon through an odious dominion
Shifting the seas to the lakes, shifting the forest to the trees
A rose loose its thorns, and the waves catch the shores
Junction left, world collapse
And as once was will soon be again, as once done will soon be recreate
So let it be written, so let it be done....

.....It's on me to hail the war so well

Beside some witching moments, the secret chants corrode, as rust as moisture, for silence bring fever
Welcome the new race, a mix of man and shit, welcome all those creatures, welcome to hell again
And as the spritis come close, and as the stromwinds gather, it's time to pay the fee, it's time to choose the price
Promulgate the winners, there are only a few, shrouds for all the people, shrouds for free today
Fainted shadows tremble, the weak must fall for sure, This is the new world order, and a goat as king to see
Thou double-faced manequin, Oh thou three twisted whirl, Thou seventh son, Oh thou 666 re-damn-incarnate

Flowers corrode by the grim blistering moonlight, and purgatory glow as mortals left
The shape draws itself a picture of doom, the shape of which no seraphim born
Sharp wind blows through the corridor, as the adversary beams a sign
He, the scapegoat is the chaos leader, and the light cast into dust