Shot Down Songtext
Johnny Logan

Shot Down

By: Frank Musker & Gary Skardina

I didn't need no one to walk on me

I didn't need to hurt for love

You wanted someone to play your games

But you play too rough

I never wanted to hurt anybody

But no one is blameless

There's a big full moon on the rise tonight

And everything changes

There's a fireball burning its way across the sky

Falling without a sound

Crashing to the ground

Oh yeah, I was

Shot down in the flames of love tonight

I should've known it would end in a dog fight

Shot down in the flames of love

Oh baby, wasn't it good enough

Bail out while there's still time

Ain't it funny I thought you were a friend of mine

Shot down, shot down, shot down

In the flames of love

I wasn't looking for no TV drama

Hot and cold like flames on ice

I don't wanna be a fool for you, mama

A human sacrifice

I've got dreams and a life to live

That I won't let you shatter

I could say some things, I could call you names

But it doesn't matter

And it occurred to me as I turned and saw

Your shadow on the wall

That I don't need nobody running my life

I don't need no one at all

And it's too bad it had to be this way

I know we'll both survive

But there is one thing that I've learned in my life

It takes two to keep a love alive