She Went To The River Songtext


von Achinoam Nini And Gil Dor Live

She Went To The River Songtext
Lyrics & music: Achinoam Nini (Noa)

She went to the river,
She never thought twice
She went to the river,
The river of ice
Slowly she removed the blouse of silk
From her back
Carefully undid her skirt
And let it fall unwrapped

She cut with her fingers,
The cold river sighed
She wanted the water
The water inside
She walked to the center,
Unbraided her hair
Stepped out of her panties
And left her breast bare

Stretched out on the ice
She dug into it slowly,
Methodically punching
The half frozen floor
The blood from her fingers
Helped warm them, but only
Until it froze over a moment,
No more
No more

He watched from the tower,
He saw her below
Her physical power would melt
Like the snow
But not so the power
Of crystal decision
The lock of the mind
In undaunting precision

On the window,
A flower he'd bought to her
Bought, but forgotten to water

The night rolled in slowly,
But did not bring sleep
Her opening was only a few
Inches deep
But as she pressed her head

Down to the unyielding shell
She could hear the water
Almost well

Morning crept in cautiously,
Fearing what it'd find
A ring of clothes around on
Opening of the mind
And the water humming
For beneath
She is mine
And the water humming
For beneath
She is mine

She is mine