Say It Songtext
Am i givin enough
is it all it should be
when waters get rough
would you still swim with me
so afraid to come close
and it maybe too soon
and it maybe too much
for you to consume


and i wanna know if i can live inside your world
and i wanna know if i can give it to you girl
you know that i want to say it
you know knwo that i need to say it
you know that i love to say it
my love just goes on and on and on

verse 2

i'll give you all that you need
there's no better place you can be
and i know that in time
you will believe in me
so please hold out your hands
and lets exchange these golden bands
cuz i want you in my life
i want you to be my wife

reapeat chorus

my love
you're so special
i wanna give it all to you
lovin you on and on and on
reapeat chorus until fade