Sacrifice [English] Songtext

Atsushi Sakurai

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Sacrifice [English] Songtext
What is wanted, what is dreamed of,
Passes away into the shadows of the world.
If I could believe enough, I would know tomorrow.
But alas, death's tide rises and I cannot step away
Break through ...

The black shadow seduces me into death,
I am becoming tainted all over.
Yet even now I live, and I can sing.
Murdered voices, tears shed,
Goodbye ...
If only this one wish comes true,
Warmth ...

There is no wind, there are no stars,
They die like my hopes.
Now to live through this night I sing.

I slip into darkness, fleeing the one shadow.
If I sacrifice my dream to the devil,
I would sacrifice anything and everything beloved.
Within this breast my indiscretion is carved