Riot City Songtext
You can feel the tension, you can smell the fear Something's gonna happen pretty soon around here The gangs are just staring and they're ready to fight THIS TOWN'S GONNA FUCKING BURN TONIGHT Shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe Any minute now the whole thing's gonna go Like lions trying to break free from their cage Feel the hatred, feel the rage Sirens are wailing, there's hate in the air There's no rules in this game, no need to play fair The temperatures rising, the tension is clear Welcome to Riot City The time for waiting is over and done Now the boys are gonna have some fun Bricks, bottles, tables and chairs The police are on the run and they're running scared There's trouble in the city, there's chaos in the street Anybody in the way gets trampled under feet The place is in bits and it don't look pretty But it's just another night in the Riot City