Retro Vs Techno Songtext
Tonight we're gettin crazy
Pump up your sneakers
While you're pumpin up the speakers
Party down tonight
Ladies screamin bout my members only jacket
Slap bracelets blingin retro'd out tonight
Music's in the air party on party hard
Baby let's get it groovin tonight
Let's dance baby, baby
It's Retro Vs Techno
DJ, DJ make us move
Let's dance baby, baby you've got me sweatin and I'm losing control
And my head is bangin gainst the wall
Take a trip back to the future which is cooler
Hyper color shirts, or hammer pants tonight
Shell toe shoes shinin
Adidas stripes, Spandex tights, LA gear lights
We're retro'd out tonight
Music's in the air 'Party Wayne, Party Garth'
Baby let's get it movin tonight