Requiem for Endiku Songtext

Knight Errant

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Requiem for Endiku Songtext
O my brother, what a dream i saw last night! Anu, Ellil, Ea, and heavenly Shamash were in the assembly. And Ea said to Ellil, 'As they have slain the bull of heaven, so too they have slain Huwawa, who guarded the mountains planted with pines.' And Anu said, 'One of them must die.' -Pain!- Ellil replied: 'Let Enkidu die, but let Gilgamesh not die.'

Turn to me, you!
You arent listening to me!
But he cannot lift his head.
I touch his heart, but it does not beat at all.
Bear, hyena, leopard, tiger,
Stag, cheetah, lion, mountain goat,
And other wild beasts shall weep for you
Now, what is the sleep
That has taken hold of you?
Turn to me, Enkidu!
The pure Euphrates,
And young men of the broad city,
Of Uruk the sheepfold;
Who watched the fighting
When we struck down
The bull of heaven
Shall weep for you!