Reppin' My Block Remix Songtext

Rob G

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Reppin' My Block Remix Songtext
(feat. Lil Keke & Slim Thug)

[Chorus: Kane Beats]
[Rob G:]
"Reppin' my block"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin'-reppin' my block"
"Reppin' my block"
"Put it-put it in the air"
"Put it in the air"
"Put-put-put it in the air"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"
"Put it in the air"
"Put, put it in the air"
"Reppin' my block
Let 'em know we in here"

[Verse 1: Rob G]
You know
The block repre-sentin'
Fin' to go and deliver
Cause my block
Fin' and
They number one contenders
Since the glock detri-mental
Like liquor to your liver
Hatin' on your agenda, remember, I be the winner
But real, what it gotta be, accept me or you're knockin' me
My city gon' follow me, MY HOOD IS SO PROUD OF ME
You never seen my mug mean (Ha ha)
I got that "I'm-the-shit"
Swagger like the H, straight, runnin' through my blood stream
Now I'm in the club, gettin' thirsty in a player way (YEAH)
Liquor like my Gatorade, I do this on a day to day (YEAH, AY!)
She lookin' good, I'm a holler, make her follow
Where I'm from, WE ONLY TURNIN' DOWN OUR COLLARS, throw a dollar
And when he play what I like
Throw the dub with my left, and the H ON MY RIGHT
It's Houston, south west S.W.A.T. to the TOP
You ain't know this by now, JUST WATCH and see him reppin' my block


[Verse 2: Lil' Keke]
H-Town monster, the city is where it's at
Keep a rocket on my hip, and a storm on a hat
Hershey Texas, South Park is 8100 villians
From the tree
Through the sunny and back
Can get a minute
My chain got yellow stones, it's green and cloverland
Still can get a ounce of that good, just cause I know the man
Birds fly south
Must be winter or somethin'
You can tell the whole world, that the Don is comin'
South west Fourth Ward, them boys be ridin' red
Low gangstas from Dead End, to nickel in Homestead
Internationally known, the ghetto pass is still strong
Go anywhere and get a gangsta on the phone
From Houston to California
Change your gear
Rob G and Lil' Ke', now the cyph' in here
Rep your city and your town
Your hood and your block
I'm from 713, that's where I screwed and chopped
Young Don


[Verse 3: Slim Thug]
My two middle fingers down are the two pokin' out (Hun)
Dome tucked in, yeah, I'm reppin' my block
H-Town, Homestead, north side, on the spot (Slim Thugga)
Slim Thugga represent
Everytime he step out
I got glue on my ride, cause that's how my side roll (Roll)
Braided up 'fro, so the whole city know (Know)
That's it's north side, right, but H-Town, worldwide
Lil' Keke
Rob G
Rep and ride
Yeah, the Texas got it locked, so you haters keep hatin' (Keep hatin')
D-Town, Saint An', ATX, we ain't fakin' (Naw)
And all the way
From the corporates, BMT to the top (Yeah)
One thing about Texas, we be reppin' our block (We be reppin' our block)
Eses got the work, street niggas keep the glock (Hah)
We do this for the hood, this for my gangstas on lock (Hah)
Put your sets, in the air, let me see what you claim
Who gettin' the most change, rep for your block, mayne (Yeah)


[Rob G:]
Reppin' my block