Relentless Reckless Forever Songtext

Children Of Bodom

von Relentless Reckless Forever

Relentless Reckless Forever Songtext
I gotta say sumtimes I just can't
deem all the things I've done
Haunted to break the silence
Outcrying the truth that I want one
..and I'll run

Back to the place where
I was told, drunken ignorance
is Pure, true gold
Feeling safe to rage, start acting mad
No regret, I'm content to be bad

Relentless, no way I'm giving up.
I dare you make me stop
Reckless - shattered dreams and broken ribs
Annihilated into bits
Forever - I'll stay on the run

You like to cling to my back like a monkey
Not even a chance you'd let me go
Fuck yea I'm madman, a Jameson junkie
bit I know u reap what you sow,
ant it all just goes to show