Red Right Hand (Scream 3 Version) Songtext

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

von B-Sides & Rarities Parts I & II

Red Right Hand (Scream 3 Version) Songtext
Take a little walk to the edge of town
Now spread your wings and fly
Don't the lights of the city look so damn pretty
When you're flying so high?
It's hard to know 'bout the down-below
The streets, babe, are swimming deep in blood
It seems
To make a grown man cry
You really wanna know what's wrong with this land?
Just scratch your head with your red right hand

You see, everyone's a liar, babe, and that's the truth
I said everyone's a liar, baby, and I got the proof
You got a new boy, you feel you're in with a chance
You think you're in his arms but you're in his hands
But still he seems so cute and true and groovy
But get that boy up on the stand
And watch him raise his red right hand

Move your hips, babe, move your thighs
Use your lips, babe, conceal his prize
He's tracing a tiny finger down your spine
He's leaving behind a thin red line
Oh, don't get so sad when it all comes down so heavy
A low wind moans across the land
As he rakes at your chest with his red right hand

I'm talking 'bout blood, babe
It's in your veins
Your mummy and daddy
They've got the same
You're under the mirror day after day
You see a pretty face crumbling away
As you become your mum and daddy
Scream once, scream twice, now scream again
Cover that face with your red right hand