Prodigal Son Songtext

Leslie Low

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Prodigal Son Songtext
the day has come
every black book has my name
a prodigal son
who has lost all faith in the game
no one around to welcome me home
the door's left unanswered
no one picks up the phone
no more leaves to turn anew
i can't answer without a clue
i'm caught in a loop of feeling blue
the day has come
take a look in destiny's book
a radical son
no more chances yet he took
like a loser he gave in
far too many times
no one forgets a sin
i've been told to reach out my hand
the first one to grab it is a friend
i've been told to re-understand
to re-comprehend the meaning of a friend
maybe i've worn my presence out
i'm used to the scorn that's meted out.