(Post Credits Scene) Songtext


von CZARFACE Meets Ghostface

(Post Credits Scene) Songtext
(Scheduled movie, at once)
CZARFACE, the baddest one man army to hit town
(Untouchable was never in your reach)

Just like that, yeah, we back, yeah, the wait is up
Fresh in the game, I Jayson Tatum up
Live guy, no glasses, got my Lasik up
This ain't Lady Luck, this is Gary Vaynerchuk
Yeah yeah, it's them dark kids
Upgrade your Enfamil, your formula is garbage
Thanos with the glove, yeah, the rocks gleam
I can feel the hate through the lock screen
Catch a little dap from the new poem
Maladjusted, yeah, I grew up on that group home (CZARFACE)
Wildin' out, yeah, the knives are out
Only way you touch the Es' is if you type it out

Never heard of your swag, never knew your swag
Make a move, I put two in your swag
Still runnin' at the mouth, either stupid or mad
See the general stripes, W on the flag
If I'm ever gon' do it, I'ma do it for cash
I don't trick, I could get it in the coupe or the cab
Rude in my stance, bring it back, end zone, doin' my dance
Fingers snap like the groove on the jazz
How I spazz like a muscle pull
Hate 'cause your life suck, mine wonderful
Find somethin' to do
Durant in the Bay, they uncomfortable
Nothin' new, I'm talk of the town, ayy yo, what's up with you?
They'll talk a bunch of bull
Let you tell it, you a goon and a hustler too
And ain't nothin' true

(Rebel eyes
Fly like I'm donning a cape)
(Pterodactyl, Pterodactyl hang glide
This is Skywalker fam, Jack Jerry freehand)