Pony Pressure Songtext
when I was a child I used to hear music constantly
I, I long for, for that um, to return
it has escaped and it's gone some place
my father was a minsister and still is today

I feel I'm here for many reasons
and um, at this particular time there are places I would probably want to be
but um, I probably need to be
I think I know that is why I stayed
oh there are few friends in life
very few
I have one or two friends

You gotta dip dip dive
clean out your ears then open your eyes
calling out across the nations
to hear the best sounds in creation

there is something greater than what we see on the surface
the crystal line
existance is, the materialism, the, the greed
an artist, if he's truly an artist
wants to, wants to do the will of god
and he must