Phantoms Songtext
Eerie tales of suspense

Yeah, just a phantom anthem
Traveled in a trio, or maybe just abandoned
It's random, found one take your grandson for ransom
Got 'im with his hands all in the cookie jar
Playin' hooky, gettin' drunk, later on, took your car
Soul Of Mischief: Til infinity, got a bone to pick
And the phantom will forever remain on your shit list
The other one be good advice, well dressed, real nice
Knows your work, sets the price, keep you out the hood for life
Think that would suffice, but really it's just the beginnin'
Third one got you drunk and high, runnin' round here chasin' women
Wife wonder how you dis fam and disgrace your children
Dudes is wired like that, it's still an all-case buildin'
Drats, and double-tracks, shorties with the bubble fats
Ay caramba, trouble jack, phantom steal another track
Bet your life, double that, think you havin' fun in fact
Slip her one too many times, may not be no coming back
(coming back, coming back), never let it happen
Lose your phone, tell side-chick, "Get to packin'"
Other phantom write it all down and get to rappin'

I fought a ghost in my apartment, he had too many hitpoints
He bested me and told me I should've invested in Bitcoin
And then he lit joints and offered me a Fanta can
He drove a Phantom, then he started singing Phantogram
Well damn, I'm like, "Isn't this convenient?"
It didn't take a genius to sniff it as somethin' fiendish
He introduced himself and said, "What's your name?"
For the next four days we played the exquisite corpse game
I sold my soul to 'im for some new hightops
Told The Phantom guide my hand and I drew Cyclops
Best pressed lyrics get possessed and do high spots
Hey, I stay toasty at Smoke and Noob Saibot, yeah
My man was kinda the best ghost
He gifted me a new rap book that's prob'ly ya Death Note
He was the homie though, we shared the same virtues
He showed me his soul once now only wear church shoes
Turned out he wasn't dead, just very fatigued
My apologies, I buried the lede
I'm real bad at tellin' stories y'all
Prob'ly shoulda told y'all from the beginning that he wasn't-
He wasn't really dead

Why do these phantoms always wind up haunting me?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why do these phantoms always wind up haunting me?
Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, me, yeah (the phantoms)
Why do these phantoms always wind up haunting me?
Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, haunt, haunt

Ya, I used to hop the 3 train, always out for more wax
Smoke blunts with danger, trouble at my doorstep
Stared death in the face, left him with a sore neck
The devil himself can't resist the raw dialect
Clashed with the titans, robbed stores with Lucifer
Seduced a temptress, threesome with Medusa
The phantoms, they surround me like Dolby sound
Like they seen a live nigga in a ghost town
Never was afraid of the dark, I was goodie man
I learned early, the boogeyman is fam
They say I'm evil, and my mind is twisted
I say I'm godly, my lines is wicked
Haley Joel Osment, I see fake niggas
Gravediggers, goons, trolls, shapeshifters
I always feel like somebody watchin' me
Slayin' demons on the reg, shotgun with Constantine

Fuck a phantom, I'm fed up with phony fantasies
Fake fugazi fantasies fam, we fuck with family
Foes feelin' free to forge wit fetti and fame
They fabricated, fascinating like a Frank Frazetta frame
Fools falsify facts, friends figure it's fine
They fail to fix the fraudulent and formulate a Frankenstein
For real, your focus fuzzy like footage of the flesh
Of the first feral fossil found
Fetch a glass, force it (force it, force it)
Down fast, 'cause flood's in the forecast
You don't know a fraction, forget the half
Follow, your financial future's finished
Phantom's got you free-fallin' for females
And fish for the fictitious

Why do these phantoms always wind up haunting me? Yeah
Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, me, yeah
Why do these phantoms always wind up haunting me? Yeah
Phantoms, phantoms (bad company), phantoms, phantoms (bad karma), phantoms, phantoms, [?]
(bad luck)
Phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, phantoms, [?]