Penthouse Prayers Songtext

Bobby Sessions

von Manifest

Penthouse Prayers Songtext
Bobby Sessions young legend
Yeah, hey

I knew that I would eat back in high school at the lunch line
I think about it sometimes, war inside the mind
I was ten toes on the front line, don't choke when it's crunch time
Verses become difficult and hooks harder to come by
Hoes harder to fuck now, boys can't get it bust down
Read over them bank statements, the cash ways at Philip chow
White I guess was too basic need ice your teeth now
Missed out on the car payments, you stressed pacing the street now

God I pray for my health
More peace, more wealth, more prosperity
Please keep these bitch ass niggas around me
Gotta manifest, hold up
Hey, young legend

Mixtape didn't blow up, sit there in the junkyard
Show money just slowed up for sale sign in the front yard
Gofundme just popped up, hard stop on the gold yard
Well respected as an artist, now you need a paint job
Please proceed with caution if you move in with a target on you
You can't have no Walmart, budget shopping at a Target homie
Flow is bad, she left you for a bitch, now she carpet-munchin'
Sparkle left you, I can't buy them bottles with those sparkles on 'em
Fuck that opportunity, it's 'bout what you gonna do with it
Scales at AJ ruined my record but niggas ain't even ruin it
I threw out all my Glocks, I was grinding eating tuna fish
Stressin' over when that be that shit that have you losin' it
Speak it, watch it manifest, take action and be passionate
You can buy your mansion, live luxurious and lavishly
Friends become dependent over-extended to your family
It's way harder to keep it than to get it, gotta manage it, legend

If I die, before I wake from the will here's some M's
That's inside my bank
Ima spread it to my fam, make sure they good
Need mirror to my face deep inside my hood
If I die, please don't cry, dry your face
Leave roses by my grave while you pop champagne
Gold watch in the sky, celebrate my time
If I live to see another, swear to god that Ima shine

Oh my god to the niggas who be missin' sleep
Haven't sat down on a toilet it done been a week
Mind focused, eyes open, I'm a mental beast
If I make it into heaven pray I send a lease
Put my pistol on my person and I lace my sneaks
I pull a vengeance from my verses from my enemies
Basement boys, penthouse prayers
Dead presidents will awake fears
Fast pretty cars followed by the rays
Payroll for the hitters all expenses paid
My nigga still alive, somebody momma prayin'
Kill 'em wit' ya kindness all my momma sayin'
Y'all started labels now they all abandoned
Niggas runnin' round, but I'm the only standin'
Cocaine is still the cargo button up the panels
Know he did it large trafficking the fentanyls
Pull up double r's, honey, just a gamble boss
2Pac in my heart such a great example
Lit 'em like cigars turn to melted candles
I'm leader o