Payday Songtext
I nearly lost my job day dreaming
I stayed scheming
Shade speaking
Rarely kept to cake beating
Jake cheating
To continue steak eating
Weight keeping
Tryna keep my pay creeping
Sick and tired of the 6 day split
I’m ready and fit
Just waiting for a 6k hit
Don’t be surprised when I make mine click
Tryna shift the resolution to some drake type shit
These days I count my blessings do less of the heavy stressing to lessen the stress i’m
Getting from negativity vibеs
Often times I be nеgative and depressed
I’m tentative at my best except when I’m saying rhymes
Even when I lose i’m willing to take my time
If you rewind to my past, You’d see that im not lying
Better as I age like luxurious wine
All i’m chasing is a flavour that’s forever sublime
While trapped inside this complex mind
I find rhymes like fine dimes and gems deep embedded inside
Load up the bag of green
The gasoline
The magazines
The illest clips you’ve ever seen
No 9-5 could keep me off my tip
I thrive in situations where im off my tip
Ears to the ground and my word on my d**k im saying
Fuck em when they come and try and verse all slick
So I be lab sleeping
My apps beeping
The tabs creeping
My shorty asking where I be where I’m at
In the kitchen cooking beats for my flows or at the bar tryna bar with any body who
Too juxtaposed to these fake emcees tryna divide the sea and leave the space empty
A black king a pharaoh been dodging arrows
Im blessed to an extent
But I got guys in my shadow
Plotting in they’re camo like some bitches