Over Rio Songtext
I was conceived in a plane somewhere over Rio 20,000 feet above the ground on a scheduled flight, flight. My mamma was a stewardess and my daddy was a versatile man He used to travel to so many distant places But he never came back. You see I find my release flying over Rio 20,000 feet without a sound in a mole skin night, right. A poker player shuffles by won't someone take the time to check him out He deals direction in so many different places Can it ever come back. She pour hot water over my head when I'm on fire She never classify whenever I feel desire Take me up in an aeroplane with South America's favourite daughter Show her how to use her thing the way that Mother Nature never taught her. The older I am the younger I am seeming 20,000 feet is quite a height better hold on tight, right Security is loneliness and loneliness is where it all began He tries ot find it in so many different places But it never comes back. Anybody like to fly over Rio? Write a poem in the sky over Rio? See the world with brand new eyes over Rio? Count the stars to sleep at night over Rio?