Organic Rust Songtext

Alfa Mist

von Bring Backs

Organic Rust Songtext
Serious face cos it’s really a race
Trying to stabilise while my health deteriorates
My fever leaves me a delirious state
Now I’m growing weary of fakes, here to replace
They cheer me and wait, until they hear a mistake
I don’t wanna lose my drive so I’m steering away
Plus I got a call saying that her period’s late
So I’m opening my calendar and clearing the dates
It’s fate, I’m just a battler, too black to be tatted up
A hunter and gatherer, lunge if you’re bad enough
Been thrown downstairs I clung to the banister
I used to have it rough, saw my plan erupt
Now I’m on the settee playing 3 months of Soul Calibur
I missed brekkie need lunch for the stamina
Young and dumb like a man in love (love)
Meant to vote (do the ballot) but
I’d rather see the planet crushed, Organic Rust
Can it just...
...all turn to organic rust?

I should be a fan of your kind
But you focus on the gram and the size
All your followers are tapping the like
Waiting for the chance to be the man you’re beside
All this surface talk while I’m knackered inside
I’d rather
Burn them all like I’m Anakin sky
All these
Planets collide, trying to capitalise
It’s the furthest I’ve even been but I’m lagging behind
At the
Front of the queue for the back of the line
With the devil’s idle hands and the passion of Christ (Christ)
Trying to plot a map in my mind
While you push the panic button, I’m pushing 29
Some people are pushing daises I could die anytime
Behind enemy lines of by friendly fire
Why does everything we hold close damage us?
I’m trusting, young and dumb
Like I had a buzz
When it all gives way and I’ve had enough
I got a few words for the man above
When I’m Organic Rust, trust
Can it just....
....turn to Organic Rust?