On My Own Songtext


von I'm A Bad Person

On My Own Songtext
He-he-he-he-he-he-he-he (A Lau on this bitch)
Ah-ah, ah, ah, ah

I'm in the corner, I'm watching you kiss him
R-I-P to my loved ones, they know that I miss 'em
I'll show you it's real love
All the real niggas gon' feel ya', yeah

Now I'm filing the plug, bitch, I got Mob Ties
Now I'm in new Bentley coupe with the frog eyes
How would you feel if I was your mans?
Tryna backdoor, you won't be again
I'm done taking L's, shit got better
Used to sleep on the floor, none of this handed to me
Just know I keep a stick if you ran up to me
Thought you was my mans, nigga, they envy me
I'm not the guy that you taking home
I keep dancing on my own
Me and my chopper, hey
Me and my chopper, hey
I cannot [?]
Got a new firearm
And I'm still wearing Saint Laurent
Fuck that shit, I need to get a new weapon
I don't really care about the Gucci collection
Bitch, I was really in the block like Tetris
Now I got my bitch in designer dresses
[?] got to watch how I move
Take my pain away, you can keep it
Shooter with dreads, I'ma call that nigga Takeoff
Big drake on me, now he tooken' off
Got shot in his shit, now he eat through a straw
Got a big drake, I started from the bottom
I never thought I had me a model
Big .45, I'ma creep like a possum
Amigo plug, no Americano
He like "Why he got a gun and he wearing Red Bottoms?"
Yo' nigga be potting like shit, so I watch him
They hearing that shit, that nigga in trauma
I'm rich, you broke, we not in the same column
Nobody care but I did
My chopper sing, chandelier
I tried to call, he was dead
He Young Thug, my shooter with dreads

I'm in the corner, I'm watching you kiss him
R-I-P to my loved ones, they know that I miss 'em
I'll show you it's real love
All the real niggas gon' feel ya', yeah