O'Malley's Bar (Part 2) Songtext
Oh, my god
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, I said oh yeah

"I have no free will," I sang
As I flew about the murder
Mrs. Richard Holmes, she screamed
Well, you really should have heard her

I sang and I laughed, I howled and I wept
I panted and I squealed
I blew a hole in Mrs. Richard Holmes
Who used her husband as a shield

He screamed, "You are an evil man"
And I paused a while to wonder
If I have no free will then how can I
Be morally culpable, I wonder?

I shot Richard Holmes in the stomach
I said, "It felt good to take your life"
I'm not sure, but I think he thanked me
As he lay down next to his wife

"It's nice to be nice," I replied to him
And he gave a little cough
"Yeah, it's nice to be nice" and I neatly aimed
And blew his head completely off

I've lived in this town for thirty years
And to no one I am a stranger
And I put new bullets in my gun
Chamber upon chamber

When I turned my gun on the bird-like Mr. Brooks
I thought of Saint Francis and his sparrows
And as I shot down the youthful Richardson
It was Sebastian I thought of and his arrows

Oooh mmmm ohhhh
Oh my god, oh my god
He shot him in the fu---ing head

I said, "I want to introduce myself
And I'm glad that all you came"
And I lept upon the bar
And I shouted out my name

Well, Jerry Bellows, he hugged his stool
Closed his eyes and shrugged and laughed
And with an ashtray as big as a really bloody big brick
I split his skull in half

"This hurts me more than it hurts you," I said
And I sat on the bar and cried
And for a strange moment, no one moved or spoke
They all sat like that for a while

"It's nice to be nice," I said again
Well it is, and that's a fact
I smiled at Henry Davenport
I think Henry Davenport smiled back

Well, from the position I was sitting
The strangest thing I ever saw
The bullet entered through the top of Henry's chest
And blew his bowels out on the floor

Well I floated down the counter
Showing no remorse
I shot a hole in Kathleen Carpenter
Recently divorced

The remorse I felt, the remorse I had
Clung to everything
From the raven's hair upon my head
To the feathers on my wings

"Life is grand," I shouted
"But death is just the best!"
And I glided through the bodies
And killed the fat man Vincent West

Who sat quietly in his chair
A grown man become a child
And I raised the gun up to his head

He made no attempt to resist
So fat and dull and lazy
"Did you know I live in your street?" I cried
And he looked at me like I was crazy

"Oh," he said, "I had no idea"
He grew as quiet as a mouse
And the roar of the pistol when it went off
Near blew that roof right off the house

Ohhhhh uh huh ugh
Oh my god, oh my god
He shot him in the fu---ing head