Oliver Green Songtext


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Oliver Green Songtext
Oliver Green sat on the couch
Laughing like an ass
Yellow teeth sat in his mouth
And his breath was poison gas
We watched the channels that he wanted to watch
On my new TV
He existed as a bated blotch on my sanctity

Oliver Green drank straight from the tap
And pissed on the floor
I saw him in the bathroom
He didn't close the door

He hated this and he hated that
And he thought himself an ape
He sneezed and blew his nose
Upon my window's drape

Oliver Green was a different kind of kid
His ma was a chimpanzee
His father was a janitor
With a king-size ring of keys
But his ma said the old man was a joke
He would cheat and he would beat her
So when the boy became a man and found himself a girl
He did not know how to treat her

Oliver Green got kicked to the curb and had no place left to stay
I said he could crash for a couple of nights
But he would not go away
He abused my hospitality and he drove me to resent
So I put him in a box
And filled it with cement