Oil Drums Songtext
I mean, you have a big section. A pretty big section of Philadelphia. That is just goin' [?]. I mean, these abandoned homes. People, I mean, uh...

Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord

Yeah, serve it to the God (Allahu akbar!)
Black Bannerz, and we swervin’ through the yard
The omniscient, the certitude, [?]
This Bushmaster XM will turn you to a blob
I know a couple billies so I know it's blood
[?] Casanova rug
He drinkin' milk and he know the [?]
I stole the body and sold the lug
I rob the neighbor and rock the glacier
I’m talkin' lots of paper and [?] laser
You is not the Maker, you not Creator
This the hot equator and God the Savior
You never miss your deadline
Muhfuckas either swipe your car [?] doin' fed time
We move the work through the street channels
It's bodies everywhere, this shit is complete shambles