Oh My God Songtext
I'm looking at the world running by
These foggy days make me cry
And these black suits, I don't know what they want

Singing out loud makes me feel glad
And at the same time all my friends go mad
This is the life after the IPCC
Running around screaming, "Who are we?"

Don't want to be a fish and just swim right trough
Who decides what's wrong and what's right, do you?
I want to step out of this - how about you?

Connecting people that's what we are
Connecting people making them stars
Internet, internet oh my god
This internet
Oh my god

Give me soybeans I've got some cows to feed
This is crazy, crazy, crazy indeed
Drinking some liquid - feeling alive

Every morning Google at my name
Afterwards always feeling insane
Going to the Tivoli not riding attractions

Lifestyle, lifestyle, I've got a lifestyle
Freakshow, freakshow, give me more freakshow
I want to step out of this trap
I've been pointed out some positions on a map