Not Gonna Be Able to Do It Songtext

Double XX Posse

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Not Gonna Be Able to Do It Songtext
[ VERSE 1: Sugar Ray ]
Nah baby, I'm not gonna be able to do it
I tried to take you serious before, and you blew it
You figured you was slick, dissin me for the next man
But when you heard he had a wife, it ruined your plans
Now you want to come back and act like it's all that
But I ain't tryin to hear it, cause you sound real wack
You got it over the first time, but that was the last time
I'll never make the same mistake again in a lifetime
You hooker, no way, no how, you're history
So let's keep it real, cause this ain't no mystery
You had it like a queen, livin lovely and lost me
Your props are at all-time low and you crossed me
I used to treat you good, take you shoppin and feed ya
But now I'm doin fine, and girlfriend, I don't need ya
For you to even ask me that, you must be stupid
Nah, baby, I'm not gonna be able to do it

(Can you do it?)
I'm not gonna be able to do it (8x)

[ VERSE 2: Sugar Ray ]
I'm on a mission, and I need me a new girl
My last girl fronted fakin moves with Earl
But that was in the past, finsihed, over, and done with
Besides, I know this hottie, and she's on my tip
She told me I could call her when I wanted to check her
And all I had to do to knock her down was respect her
To think about it, gee, that would be cool
To have a girl that's independent, with a job and school
So we took it slow, then we started to grow
Without a worry in the world, goin right with the flow
Until she cracked my head when she asked me to marry her
And move into a crib in some suburbian area
I knew that this was just too good to be true
And what you're askin me to do, girl, I cannot do
You told me, "No committments", and you best stick to it
Oh baby, I'm not gonna be able to do it


[ VERSE 3: Sugar Ray ]
Now I'm makin money, and it's good to be single
To mingle with the ladies while their earrings jingle
And that's the way it is, cause that's the way that I want it
When I see a pretty mommy lookin good, I'm on it
Checkin out her profile to see if she got style
Cause if she ain't a 10, she ain't worth my while
I'm all about stickin and movin with the quickness
Forget the foreplay, and let's get down to business
(Yeah, is it good? Is it good, baby?) Damn, my jim hat broke!
But still I kept strokin till her boots were smokin
And left her on the bed with her legs wide open
Tryin to kick it to me like she was my girl
But yo, I had to tell her, ain't no way in the world
Maybe it's the way I hit that thing that souped it
But no, I'm not gonna be able to do it


(Can you do it?)