Not Allowed Songtext

Ray Vaughn

von Peer Pressure

Not Allowed Songtext
All that sucka shit is not allowed
Niggas talkin' loud but I can't hear 'em through the crowd (Shh)
If it's precipitation, I'm gon' send 'em to the clouds
Why the fuck you talking about then when this is now? (Now)
I'm a Top Dawg nigga, I don't listen to meows (Top Dawg)
This a comic book pistol, when I hit you, it say, "POW!" (Pow)
From the city by the sea, LB, not a pound
From a block full of babies, make 'em see the ultrasound (Top Dawg)
I get collect calls, press 5 on 'em (5 on 'em)
When it come to bitches, I got five of 'em (Five, five of 'em)
Had to stop being broke 'cause you could die from it (Hey)
Shit, my pop's name Ricky, he gon' die runnin'
Never play it safe, bitch, I'ma slide something
[?] with my new bitch, I been thigh rubbin'
Havin' sex in my Rolex, 'cause my time comin'
I go incognito 'fore I let a bitch hide something
I'm a walking cheat code, turn a nun to a freak ho (Freak ho)
Been blunt like a pre-roll (Pre-roll), I'm the neighborhood hero
It's funny how I got all this drive and, back in the day, I got repo'd
Help I got, nigga, zero, and I do it big like fee-fo
Tell my bitch I cheat too (Cheat too)
Good sex had me in relationships that I ain't agree to (Ain't agree to)
Nigga, I'm toxic as ever (Toxic)
Wish I had a girlfriend, 'cause I ain't get a PS5 (PS5)
Death hittin' us left and right, God, please protect me and mine (Me and mine)

Yeah, I'm rich in spirit ain't no way I'm gon' die broke (Die broke)
I just bought a crib in the neighborhood with the white folks (The white folks)
That Givenchy, I spent fifteen hundred on my coat (Fifteen hundred)
Ain't got enough money to argue I don't fight, bro (I don't fight, bro)

Real come from the heart and not your pockets (Who?)
I done made friends with the monsters in my closet (Who?)
Fuck a tee-shirt, turn you to a trending topic (Hey, hey)
Check my peephole 'cause the devil always knockin', ayy
In the jungle, gotta learn to walk with apes, all heroes don't walk with capes
It's head start, we was taught to race, see the headshot throw his thoughts away
Juicy nigga when we concentrate, momma cryin' when she saw his face
The truth is only one call away, none of us celebratin' Father's Day
We gon' pop a nigga (Pop), I done pulled up in a Ghost, Phantom of the Opera, nigga
[?] felonies on my own, I ain't never flocked with niggas (Yeah)
Yeah, I skated even though the ice broke, [?] walkin' on the tightrope, ain't no way that I'ma die broke

Yeah, I'm rich in spirit, ain't no way I'm gon' die broke