No Place Here Songtext


von Djinn

No Place Here Songtext
Among the liars
Flag fliers
Factual deniers
The war on instinct has begun
Scientific distortion
Philosophical contortion
Let it be abortion
That now grants us none
Mental regression
Self image obsession
Under the guise of oppression
They sanctimoniously leech
The revolutionaries
And over-reactionaries
Are the contemporaries
Who cannot practice what they preach

The false acusers
Privileged abusers
Bias users bathing in the bile they birth
The distribution
Of ones own confusion
Casts false illusions of what they deem of worth
Self reflective denial
Projecting outward trial
A plague so bile it shields the mortal mind
Hypnotizing the spineless
Capitalizing on blindness
Guided sightless is the humankind
Individualism versus collectivism
What is free will if the will cannot be free
With persuasion of denomination
Does what you believe bestow the right to deceive

Take what you've been handed
Endowed, inherited and granted
And through your fingers let it fall
With the alleviation of appreciation
Without double standards would there be any at all

I cannot see myself in this world being found, among those who claim down is up while others swear that up is down
There is no knowledge of the inhumanity once withstood, that could cease those from weaponizing their own victimhood
Where logic holds no validity over emotion, it is the taste of entitlement that detracts the relevance of their devotion
And it darkens the sense of a greater understanding, when they've fallen deaf to all dialogue other than their own demandings
And they focus their faith into a chosen form of extremism, like a swinging pendulum, the behest of a subconscious hypnotism
To insist immunity in the light of a false alliance, squealing foolishness to accompany the continued acts of their defiance
In the end they'll hear only what it is they want to hear, the weakening words of a failing campaign in which they choose to smear
The only consistency found can be within their own doubt, as they descend with communal ad hominem channeling casuistic clout
The most privileged protect their political pose, polarizing personal principle and propagating a platform for their phony prose
A fictitious brotherhood, a fraudulent kin, only projecting outward what it is that they so feel within
There is no reflection, restraint or redaction, to those who cannot take responsibility for the contamination of their own action
And they push their concepts of identity upon us all, out-thrusting nonsense so that they may have a sword on to fall
And we wait for the cowards to take their leave, for there is no trust, no virtue and definitely no honor among these thieves
Where every step is a contradiction to their last, a promenade on display, a forward march into their past
Through the intolerance of their desperate disposition shown, becoming disenfranchised by the infantile climates in which they've thrown
I cannot see myself among a flock controlled by fear, for I have no place there and they have no place here