Nautical Depth Songtext
Yo, yo, what's good?
INS your Highness
Czarface at it again, y'all ready?

I'm fire in the summertime, cookin' with more heat
Flow like DiCaprio, wolf of all beats
The speak's deep like leviathan
Boss with the cross-fader, Lord Vader to a Kylo Ren
Search for the plug, I hurt you with love
Man they pop holograms, call em' virtual thugs
I'm sinister, hear the strings on the Czar guitar
Sick with it Doc' Strange in the Arkham yard
We go dumber than Trump
More money on the mind, got numbers to crunch
Y'all just waking up for the day, I'm on lunch
I portray my own self, perform my own stunts
Like Czarface bustin' in through the window
Bones broke, no hope for your kinfolks
Yeah, as long as Czarface wins
We'll be more talked about than Beyonce's twins
Dig it?

No friendly warfare, this ain't wrestlin'
There's nothing staged over here, you're trippin' Mescaline
Drinkin', could've got smacked for what he thinkin'
Whoever said the word— whack! Abe Lincoln
Vil still spend stacks off crack, stay crinklin'
This game's built to get got while blinkin'
Rappers do big up jail like a recruiter
Game lieutenant hit a boy, said he wasn't shooter
Told him "Man up, or keep the pussy like a scooter"
Then said nuttin' and didn't pass the Buddha
What do you know, police shows up?
Spit his shitty sixteen and get hisself locked up, up
His story had a moral, he's buried in the soil
Vil put it in her back like a epidural
Kids: eat, sleep, stay away from creeps
Spit it from the heart, this game's for keeps

Put you in the dirt like a garden gnome, hard as stone lies
Synchronized like the steps of a marching Clone legion
Ruthless, my troops is from parts unknown
Like a minor human torch, arson prone
My field is a minefield
Bombs left and right knobs
It's stormin', kite, sign sealed with divine shield
Even Nick Fury keeps his eye peeled
Wolverine's mutant gene, hoping time heals
Firing Irish girls up me like Notre Dame
While you're ripped and you're a sucker 'cause you can't say no to dames
And you're like novacane 'cause I can't fear now
Come on, give me some credit
I never say some bullshit everyone else think I'm apathetic
Beat the rhyme sharp and tight
Leave the mind archetype darker than an Arkham Knight