My Mum 'n' My Gal Songtext


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My Mum 'n' My Gal Songtext
Rise up your hand
If you think she is a gal that needs your love the most
I didn't really care just keep on waiting
Love your mum n' dad coz' they care you the most
Give you what you need
There is no more suffering
Mum I really love my gal
But doesn't mean I don't need you coz' I am your boy
Win this match in this unfair competition
There is nothing I can do just keep on trying
Be yourself n' answer this simple question
Care n' love who give your more
For sure I will be the one
Gal please let me love you now
It's hard to say when I am down
Cried it loud!!!!!
Love your man is the only way to abuse me
Its like a clock keep on running never gonna to stop
Stop the fight and stop the war for year 2000
This is a punk love song I gonna sing this song to you