My Love Is Songtext
Called you again in the evenin´
Nothin´had changed in your voice
I´m so sick and tired of feelin´so second

What if I changed all my habits
Wouldn´t it be worth a smile
Now this is a warning
You´re sinking our little isle
This is my love
It´s not your love
So hard to get
You´re leavin´me stranded
This is my love
It´s not your love
So don´t you ever take it for granted
This is my love

2nd Verse:
Maybe you´ll find someone better
I won´t standin´in your way
But soon you´ll be left in the cold
Baby, come what may

I hope my words make it through to you
So you can learn to tell time
It´s a quarter to zero
So I´ll be better ( off ) when
You´re out my life