My Last Songtext


von Home•less

My Last Songtext
They say the truth hurt, yeah I feel this shit
I'm going lie for the witness
I never shot my weapon at the innocent
But I bang like instrument
6-0 we went go from the [?]
City for the killers everybody got this more
His name AK but he really got to switch tho
You was 600 why the fuck you had to switch for
So cold so dope now we hustle vevo
6 double O fo gotta free d-rose
We don sit down at shots and he came and repost
We done slid a hunnid ice and off the pills we rollin
Blast him, how you got a gun yeah he catch whatever
If I see an opp then I kill him forever
Imma be involved with the drillers forever
Imma be involved with the killers forever
2 tone [?] gotta fill it up
I know some opps feel like givin up
Why they boarding up my block I'm tryna build it up
They don't they getting rid of love
I just told number nine what we in it for
Had us back in the trenches should've ended us
No heart, told a bitch she gotta bend and thurst
I'm so high right now , I'm on my last verse
I'm on Rodeo riding in the last [?]
I won't tear, I'd rather take my last breath
It's so real, I know niggas live like mad max
We [?] mills' I know niggas would've laughed at us
And I been looking past that, I ain't never turning down a mill' I never had
And I be on my last but I ain't never asked another niggas for some cash
When you thinking bout the streets and your life, do you ever see the shit [?]
So I'm holding close on my pipe
I put a nigga in a bag
Dare me
If a nigga try me I'm ready [?]
Put a couple diamonds in a prezi
Mansions, I just want to give it to the family
[?] I don't really had to spend it
They say the truth hurt gotta [?]
No [?]
They say the truth hurt gotta hear it
No [?]
They say the truth hurt
They say the truth hurt
They say the truth hurt
My last words