Morning Ritual Songtext
Yo, ayo

I woke up in the morning, gave a yawn and a stretch
Stumbled over my gun, stepped over my vest
Still had my jewels on, huggin' my neck
Then I made it to the bathroom, boner all in my sweats
Sixty-second piss, felt like more like a nut
Sunday mornin’ church chick let me hit in the (Alright)
I got a question for the mirror (Mirror) "The Ballys or the wallos?" (Wallows)
"The Desert E, or should I do the pound with the hollows?" (Hollows)
The mirror laughed and said, "What the fuck does it matter?
You the flyest motherfucker from here on after"
I winked, grabbed the Listerine and the Irish Spring
And I sing in the elegant zing that I am king
Let the trumpets blow, come first like, "Hello!"
Ate half of the sun (Sun), I got that glow
And if a (Lookout) won't swallow, "Peace, nice to know!"
Y'all young girls listen up, I got that dough
I got that dough, oh

I slid outta bed, knocked the phone on the floor (Fuck!)
Cracked the fuckin’ screen, now I can't see the score
We was wild for the night and I passed out by the ninth and
You can blame the vodka I was drinkin' by the pints and
Now my head poundin' (Ooh), foul, taught me heistin'
Reached for my money clip, hm, ain't that some funny shit?
I can't find it, I bet I find it with that honey dip
That slipped out, time to dip out
Throw on the latest 'Lo and Black Panther kicks
They were gifts from the creators, I
Look in the mirror, I say, "What is the plan?" He said
"That Margot Robbie-lookin’ chick stole your money, fam"
What? Stole my money? Lemme get this (Ahh I get it)
I turned around and shot the fuckin’ mirror for snitchin'
Wait ’til I get this chick, she got a death wish
I'm headed down the steps, it's her in that beat up Lexus
"Yo, girl, you snatched my money like a necklace
Correct this", she said, "I just went to get us breakfast"
Oh, that was reckless