Makin' Me High Songtext

Martin Kesici

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Makin' Me High Songtext
1st verse:
it's just another night
thinking about the time that's gone
i'll have another drink
wondering about what went wrong

i gotta get a grip
on where to go on from here
it's true i must admit
sometimes i feel
that you're still near
you know u got me baby
wrapped around your finger

you're making me high
i can't resist u
the look in your eyes
isn't enough
sooooo hypnotized
i keep on running
you're giving me a rush

2nd verse:
so sick and tired of
the empty bed
where u used to lay
please wake me from this sleep
whispering words u like to say
i know that you'll be back
'cause baby girl
you can't stay away
it's just another game
and i like to play


i think i finally met my match
she makes me wanna spend my cash
i'm not sure if i can make this last
gotta keep up 'cause she's movin' way to fast