Mack The Knife Songtext
See the shark with teeth like razorsAnd he wears them in his faceAnd Macheath has got a knifeBut not in such an obvious placeNow see the shark, how red his fins areAs he slashes at his preyMack the Knife wears fancy glovesWhich gives a minimum awayBy the Thames' turbid watersMen abruptly tumble downWell is it plague, or is it choleraOr because Macky's in town?And the child bride, in her nightyWhose assailant's still at largeViolated in her slumbersMacky how much did you charge?In the ghastly fire in SohoSeven children had a goIn the crowd stands Mack the KnifeBut he isn't asked and he don't knowIn the crowd stands Mack The KnifeBut he ain't asked and he don't know