Lovemological Songtext

Arima Ederra

von Earth To Arima

Lovemological Songtext
[Verse 1]
Stars beamin'
Moon deep in
The sky is dark at night and this breeze I'm feeling
Is surreal and I'm lost in time can you come and fly?
Star light
Star bright
Won't you come inside my mind and travel with me tonight
Have you ever felt or experienced
Feelings such

Come vibe with me this love we share
Inhale the earth float through the air
Just let the rain flow down and run through your hair
The higher we get closer we are, I am the moon and all the stars
Earth is our love, love's who we are

[Verse 2]
I'm screaming
Soul deep in
Your love is so extreme and got me feening
Take me, take me, take me, take me
Lovemological fumes have arised
Your love got me got me so high


How deep can we go?
Far away who knows
When two become one soul
Vibe, Vibe, Vibe