Lost Angels Songtext


von Lost Souls

Lost Angels Songtext
What happened to those summer anthems?
Shit got played out like your pick up lines
Do you tell with a Phantom that you think he's handsome?
You tell every nigga you in school but really you a dancer
You tell every nigga that you like to hold your heart for ransom
I know you a Snoh Aalegra type but City Girl is your anthem
I missed who you was before you moved to L.A
You've been out here wildin', baby girl, that's what they say
Yeah, I know you moved to take a break from the city
You out here tellin' niggas that you ain't fuckin' with me
And the niggas that you tell, I swear they ain't fuckin' with me (Yeah)
How could you ever forget me?

She was an angel, I take the E out Los Angeles, now she a lost angel (Yeah)
She was an angel, yeah
Take the E out Los Angeles, now she a lost angel
Too late to save her (Yeah)
Tell me how we went from stressin' every night, now you a stranger?
That shit is dangerous

Saw you in the city
Any nigga tell you ain't fuckin' with me, he just hatin' on me
Hate be fadin' on me
Swear the hate be fadin' on me, yeah
Just 'cause that's your homie, don't mean that's my homie
I was on my ass and I came up on my lonely
These niggas be lookin' for a circle to blend with
Better do your research, so you know who you playin' with
Show love to all my niggas and I do it just because
If a nigga came through and fucked up the city, it wasn't us
Opps tellin' other opps they want my head, but it ain't over yet
Price up on my head, so I can relax
My momma think I'm lyin' when I tell her that my free ain't free time
And my sisters think I'm lyin' when I tell her that the time I get for myself ain't me time
Oh, baby