Longing Songtext
If you could sit with me beside
the sea today
And whisper with me sweetest
dreamings o'er and o'er
I think I should not find the
clouds so dim and grey
And not so loud the waves complaining
at the shore
If you could sit with me upon the
shore today
And hold my hand in yours as in
the days of old
I think I should not mind the chill
baptismal spray
Nor find my hand and heart and
all the world so cold

But love is the light of the world my dear
Alas for hopeless hoping
When the lights went out in the storm that blew
And a soul when blindly groping

If you could walk with me upon
the strand today
And tell me that my longing love
had won your own
I think then all my sad thoughts could
then be put away
And I could give back laughter
for the ocean's moon