Long Tall Mama Songtext

Les Trois Tetons

von A Pack Of Lies

Long Tall Mama Songtext
Got a long tall mama
She stands about seven feet nine
And when she get to lovin
Holler papa won't you take your time

Oh when she starts to lovin
She sure can do her stuff
And she squeeze me so tight
I'm hollerin mama that's enough
Got a brand new movement
That she call her own
And when she starts to lovin
Make a poor man leave his home

And she does a little of this mama
She does a little of that
And when she put on footsin
She make a freight train jump the track

Say she's long and she's toll
Just as sweet as she can be
To satisfy this woman
It takes more than a bumble bee

I can live without my long tall babe

(Thanks to zac for these lyrics)