Little Water Song Songtext
Under here, you just take my breath awayUnder here, the water flows over my headI can hear the little fishesUnder here whispering your most terrible nameUnder here, they've given me starfish for eyesAnd your head is a big red balloonUnder here, your huge hand is heavy on my chestAh, and under here, Sir, your lovely voice retreatsAnd yes, you take my breath awayLook at my hair, as it waves and wavesSir, under here, I have such pretty hairSilver, it is, and filled with silver bubblesAh, and under here, my blood will be a cloudAnd under here my dreams are made of waterAnd, Sir, you just take my breath awayFor under here, my pretty breasts are piled highWith stones and I cannot breatheAnd tiny little fishes enter meUnder here, I am made readyAnd under here, I am washed cleanAnd I glow with the greatness of my hate for you