Lee Majors Come Again Songtext

Beastie Boys

von Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1

Lee Majors Come Again Songtext
I'm the lyrical, mathematical genius
Splashin' like lime juice
You never seen this
Internationally known
The longest to lead us
Shout out the one
How's gonna lead us?
Hit'em with the rime
But the rime don't stop
We got the beat
And the beat gonna drop
The beat .... Go pop
Now take a look around
And ....

I'm seein' every detail
Like a ... camera
You say, "I can't"
And I say,
Why can't you?
Top of the ..........

You wanna ride it
You wanna take it
Wanna wanna try it
Wanna wanna make it
You wanna ride it
You wanna take it
Take a look around you

There is a bird in here
That's my DJ
And I talk to .....
Drop in ...
We gave it on
A little slice on heaven
B-boys bringin' it back to A7
Deal with the schism
Down on the rhythm
DJ cool
Have you served your position?
I'm on a mission
We are invisible


Stop! Watch how I flip
.. grip
... look around you
I'll show you ...
... Virginia
...I've seen your Grandpa in apple bottom jeans
The word gets at you
Can't take it back