Last Words Songtext
Here goes the story of a kid we thought we knew
He hid a hate inside and had a state of mind
That put him in his grave
It began with his friends
They never noticed the despair in his eyes
From the pressure
His life was etched in stone
Before he made a choice of his own

And hes dedicated
For everyday that hes made it on his own
In his fathers eyes hes a pair of dice
He wont be number one
He cant be number one

So he tries to comply
With everything theyve ever asked
And his life is stitched with one-way tickets
To places he dont want to visit
He says Im never gonna be perfect
Maybe I dont deserve his trust
but Im doing the best I can
Ive never dealt with such pressure
Feels like my whole lifes etched in stone
Before Ive made a choice of my own

So save your breath cause youll
need it when you hang from a rope
Cause of death:
Obvious from your suicide note
The last words that filled the page:
if no one will listen than no one
will miss me when Im gone
Across town his dad falls asleep all alone
Never knowing he was never going to come home
The last thoughts that filled his head
Ill tell him Im sorry Ill
say I regret what I did
Its your life
Ill live my own life instead

His bedrooms filled with emptiness tonight
As the silence cuts through like a knife
Knowing hes not there