LA Capone Intro Songtext


von Word To LA

LA Capone Intro Songtext
Ayy, I'll be damned if I take another L
Niggas said they real, shit I can't tell
I get that sack, remember brodie made another bill
I be doin' shows, they close the hotel
And most my shit only made for the real
A gang of guys that really did them drills
I popped a gun, 'fore I popped a pill
So fuck the hood, I'm tryna get in them hills
Pull up
Imma still keep my gun up
I don't think you wanna run up
I be out here from the night to the sun up
Most niggas in the squad they doners
Your squad they runners
See he fallin', boy don't fumble
Chief Keef talkin' but I ain't no stunter...