Killing World Songtext


von Vipera Sapiens - EP

Killing World Songtext
I killed a cop baby
I have to run away
Say you never saw me
Say you never knew me at all
Life is so tough baby
My future is a promise
You don´t have to believe it
Never bet a dime on me yeah
It´s a killing world
And i can´t take it anymore
Crush my thoughts till the end
And it never ends
Inside of me is spinning round and round
My killing world
I killed myself last night
No chance to run away
Ain´t nobody out there
Ain´t nobody here to share the pain
That´s around me
Killing world, sick enough
Blood fries in my bad brain
Drying out the madness in my veins yeah
The city in the haze
Starts up the dirty race
Implanting nightmares by the stack
Creates a thousand maniacs
I switch to overload
Flip to the crazy mode
Adrenaline as overdose
Down dead end streets
That´s where it goes