Killer Patrol Songtext


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Killer Patrol Songtext
Here we come

And this is not a song written by Anthony Burgess!

We are yupscumhater- violent- gang- stars

We invent our sins!

Hate hip climbers - shoot them like birds!
Freefallers and skydivers, fall and feel hard, fry in the sun!

After- ski- burners/ bastards

I spoil you with granide

Feed you with cyanide

All you sporty jumpers- bung- rope- cokey- snorters

Better beware - I bleach your wrap!

We slash your tyres, jeepyuppy drivers

Snow- borders- we call the avalanche

Jetty- skiers come hit the rocks

(what is bad?)
hey! Killer patrol!

In our hatemobiles

With killer- petrol

In our hatemobiles!