Kicking Up Daisies Songtext

Yumi Zouma

von EP IV

Kicking Up Daisies Songtext
Fell off hard, and crashed ahead
Some things of mine are better unsaid
I see it on the pavement, man I feel it all the time
Especially on weekends when I always lose my mind
Heart on my sleeve, and I know that I'm kicking up daisies

Came home for an hour
And spent the whole day
Through the depths of the evening
And the summer decay
A habit worth forming
We'll do it as friends
Not unrequited lovers
In and out on the mend

Paralysed, I lie in bed
I scroll online, getting upset
Poor amalgamations as I figure out my life
Pointed conversations with you just to get a rise
Hide from my friends when I know that I'm lacking the patience

I came home for an hour
And I spent the whole damn day
Through the depths of the evening
And all the mid-summer decay
It's a habit worth forming
We can do it just as friends
We're not unrequited lovers
In and out and on the mend
Looking through my iPhone 4
Spent so much of my life on tour
I don't know who I am no more
I don't know what I'm looking for
Remember how I was before
And god it makes my heart feel sore
Still working at my parent's store
Am I ever happy anymore?
Crying on the bedroom floor
Demons knocking at my door
My doctor asking "are you sure?"
I feel like a fucking fraud